Wednesday, December 4, 2013

giving thanks for november

i love having week days off.
it makes the long twelve hour shifts worth while.
i thought it best to update my blog with recent going ons.
what better way to spend my day off wrapped up in my resto, 
sipping on a home made egg nog misto, and listening to future of forestry christmas eps?

last month, my mom and i ventured to redding, ca to visit my aunt. 
i love going to visit. 
redding is absolutely beautiful and a great place for some r and r.

fall is no joke in redding

 hikes and gorgeous beauty abound

balloon flying shananigans after church are pretty great

bay trail walks and awkward selfies are incredible

celebrating new life and sippin on purple kow make me smile

dates with my mama to the coast are too good for words

 attempting to be youths and do a cosmic 5K is hilarious

and who could forget thanksgiving?
it was sincerely the best 
(pun completely intented).

 steiger's thanksgiving palooza was pretty amazing as well

this was our first thanksgiving without gammy,
and very possibly our last thanksgiving with uncle bob.
but despite the emotions, i have much to be thankful for.
{please see above}
i need to be reminded so often that i have much and 
that a spirit of thankfulness should abound in my life,
especially in light of the cross.
as the popular saying goes,
"gratitude turns what we have into enough."


*a grateful* cindy