Thursday, September 27, 2012

weekday weekend

i've been working a lot of weekends,
but i get weekdays off!
there are some serious perks to having these weekdays off.
like getting to hang out some cool people.

Hung out with some folks from church to welcome home jon.
Lots of pictures, lots of stories, some serious tan lines.
Will blog more about hope4sudan soon.

sporadic trip to the giants game with some awesome kids.
it was a horrible game,
but it's always a good night to be at the yard.

 especially when you see delorean on water. 
yea, that's right, a delorean boat in mccovey cove.
giants fans are hard core.

i got to hang out with this cool chica. 
camilla and i make plans to hang out, 
but we both have crazy schedules so it rarely happens.
so grateful it finally worked out!

milk tea with tapioca, central park, handstands,
and breaking rules.
yea, we didn't stay on the path.

then i got to hang out with this munchkin.
she's my hippie kindred spirit,
even if she is 17 years younger than me.

she had the choice between the reading bug and coyote point.
the response?
"oh, well, coyote point of course."
ha, i love this kid!

animals, "modern gadgets," tar pit and dinosaurs,
and sea glass searching.
pretty fantastic day, i'd say!

asked kk if we could take a pic together.
her response?
"okaaayyy, but this is the last picture unless 
we see something REALLY cool!"
man, this girl is rough.

thanks for letting me steal her, jess and dave.
hopefully she got her homework done.....

tonight, i'm back to work
and incredibly grateful for the days off to catch up with some pretty rad people.

happy almost-weekend everybody!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mug Swap 2012

my friend kim hosted her second annual mug swap this past month.
it's such a blast!

send a mug to someone;
get a mug from someone.

hello, she's a genious.

i received my mug before i sent one.
i know, worst mug swap buddy EVER.
sorry ferial. 
i just couldn't decide which mug would fit this lady the best.
i finally ended up with this guy:

 note: i had to steal this from my mug swap-ie. i forgot to snap a pic before i mailed it. #doublefail

cute, right?
a place to put the tea bag before and after steeping.
i wanted to get all pinterest and put something cute on it,
but i was lacky creativity.
so i sent some sharpies her way.
after waiting in this horrific line at the USPS.

anyway, ferial, it was a pleasure stalking you and i hope you can put these mugs to good use on friend catch-up dates!

let's talk about the mug i got:
i got some awesome happy mail from kristy,
my fellow nurse and Jesus lover.
she understands how much nurses love them some mugged beverages
and sent this super cute mug my way!

i love it, kristy!

thanks for the starbies card, too!

another mug swap success!
kim!! can't wait for 2013!

linking up a day late

10 on 10: the mission addition

ha, that rhymed.

my beautiful and wonderfully thoughtful friend
reminded me that today is the 10th.
as soon as i got that text, i yelled,
"tanya! come take a picture with me!"

we may have a total of 10 chins between us, 
but it was for the sake of the blog, so we approved.
this kid is pretty rad. 
we both love india and soup.
we are basically made to be bffs.

 this is what my shift looked like.
i know, exhilarating.

my favorite lab tech was on the unit.
he always greets us with "hello beautiful ladies!"
and when you ask him how he is, 
he replies "everything is under control!"
the best.

so i'm living in the
mission district for a couple of weeks.
it houses some amazing food.
my ever expanding waste line is a testimony to that.
and i've been on a hot pursuit to find the perfect breakfast burrito.

mission accomplished.

they made the tortilla before they made the burrito.
as in, MADE TO ORDER tortilla.

i ate the whole thing.
then went to sleep.
and then woke up with heart burn.
totally worth it.

i took this polish puppy for a sniff walk in the afternoon.

on the sniff walk, i got a $10 off coupon for a facial.
just for being a "dog owner."
dishonest? maybe.
awesome? absolutely.

headed back to san mateo this afternoon to do some chores.
like the laundry i've been putting off for weeks
and finally wiping the hard drive of my PC.
i turned it on and the desktop picture made me so happy.
it's from the last day of nursing class.
i spent 3 hair pulling amazing years with these crazies.
such good memories.

gym time = giants time.
'nough said.

the night with me in sf.
this polish puppy was so out of control overwhelmed with the presence of a new friend, we had to take walk number three.

between sharing a computer for blogging 
and trying to get this pup to relax,
we watched some arrested development 
and had a refreshing, low cal beverage.


well done, september 10th.
the last 10 on 10 of the summer.
 linking up here: 
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