Thursday, February 28, 2013

fabulous february

i haven't been blogging much lately.
laziness has been the rule these past few weeks.
but here's a quick recap of february anyway...

helped out at C.A.L.L. primrose sorting through
 coats for their annual coat drive.
please note mama belleson's fabulous christmas sweaters.
i wanted to take them all.

 gammy fell at the beginning of the month,
so we've made some extra effort to hang out with her.
not to shabby for 94, eh?

 thursday fun day with my first friend laura.
we both have thursdays off so we try to hang out.
yay for beautiful days in the half mooner!
 i've been collecting things to put on my wall for over a year now.
thanks to some very hip people,
it's finally up!
i love that each one tells a story.
maybe i'll have to blog about that...

 gorgeous mornings on my way home from work.
san francisco is amazing.

had a sister date with some cuties.
the older they get, the more i love 'em.

been going on walks and hikes with my mom to prep for our mediterranean cruise.
days like that make me love where i live.

 blog world, meet 'the giant.'
my very large, giant's colored ipad.
i think i'm in love.

 sister date again.
seriously though, these are my favorite kinda nights.
great company, baked alaska, and bruschetta for days.

my dear friend angela and i decided to hit the beach to enjoy this beautiful weather.
we finally found blue sky and stuck around.
some serious gorgeousness!

i'd say february was pretty great.
hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my crazy life.
how was your month?



Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 on 10: i love sundays

sundays are by far my favorite days of the week.
here's a glimpse into a pretty perfect one.

 collecting flu specimens

 lunch over EKG interpretation practice


 boredom selfies

 gorgeous SF mornings

helping to lead the Body before His Throne

 animated teacher meets animated students

blessing those in need, one bag of hope at a time

ridin' classy

eating soda in a cooked cake

another sunday well spent.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PinterTest Kitchen: Cincerely gets her craft on

you read that right.
please, sit down and take a few slow, deep breaths.
hell isn't frozen and pigs still can't fly.

but that's right, blog world.
i crafted.

i found the idea to create your own french memo board on pinterest.
of course, i can't find the link now, but it looked easy and awesome.

i got 4 small cork boards.

5,238 texts to my crafty friends later,
i went with pre-cut fabric
and spray fabric adhesive.

we don't own an ironing board,
so i improvised.

it was easy!
1) spray the adhesive
2) spread on evenly
3) do the same to the back

they're cute, yea?
i opted out of ribbon and buttons;
didn't want to be too ambitious.
not sure how to get them on the wall, though. 
any advice?

thanks for joining me for this unusual 
addition of pintertest kitchen.
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