Thursday, June 30, 2011

a GIANT obsession

i'm not sure exactly when it happened. 
close to this time last year seems most likely.

but somewhere along the line,
i became obsessed with the san francisco giants.

okay, maybe obsessed is too strong of a word.
but i really, really like them.

and let me clear this up, 
i don't really like baseball,
just the giants.

there's just something about the orange and black that has stolen my attention.

is it the world series win? 

is it the fact that they have multiple players with incredible facial hair?

is it that they have some of the funniest commercials?

or is it that i have come to feel as if i know the giants.

ok, kinda stalker status weird, but any giants fans out there agree?

for the first time since barry bonds, jt snow, and benito santiago,
i actually know who is on the team.

i can name almost all of them.
and know when they're batting, (especially in the case of aaron rowand).
i still don't know all of their numbers or stats, 
thus keeping me some distance from "obsessed" status.

it's a good team to know about when working in san francisco.
more often than not i can talk to my patients about the giants. 
it's a good ice breaker when you've got to start a new iv.

so here's to you, sf giants!
many thanks to your marketing team for making you so likeable!

Friday, June 10, 2011

June: 10 on 10

happy june 10th!
here's a little sneak peak into my weird life.

my day started out as usual: Jesus time and social networking.
i was also trying to buy my tickets to indo, but that venture was unsuccessful.

 i headed out for some grocery shopping in this stylish ensemble.
shhh....don't tell stacy and clinton.

i needed a potato masher. 
it took me five minutes to find it.
wonder why....

then, i brought lunch to this lovely lady.
subway is always a winner.

well, she and her hubby had just moved, so i got a 
chance to help them out a bit.
we made two boxes of ikea goodness turn into a 
pretty sweet storage space.
girl power reigns again!

i needed to make a pie. so i did.
i think it's gonna taste amazing.

i was cleaning because it just needed to be done.
as i was putting laundry away, my 25 yr/o 
dresser decided to break.


for the third time this move.
welp, time for a change. an expensive change.

i had a chance to get a new bottle of wine.
okay, fake wine. 
there's alcohol, but real winos would say this would be a 
crap bottle of wine.

i don't care.
shout out to this crazy friend for introducing this to me.

i bought a kindle. 
yesterday, i got one of those ups notices on my door.
tonight, same thing.
BUT the ups guy left it on my porch!
BHA! time to get down with my techy self.

welp, it's friday, so a girl's night was in order.
giants game, "whip it,"  macs, and yumi.
whata night!

and there you have it. happy june, everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

concert reflections

i'll admit, i'm not very concert-savy.

my first 3 concerts were to *NSYNC.
pathetic, it's true.
but over the last year, i've experienced 3 better concerts:
need2breath and train
the daylights and need2breath
lenny kravitz and U2.

clearly, the latter trumps them all.

i was revved for the concert. i got to spend the night
with some pretty hip folks.

this is me, my sister, and our good friend jess. 
please believe, we were excited we were there!

it was also special to have my cousin there. 
he works on ships and is gone for the majority of the year.
good thing bono broke his back, so jon could join us!

there were two other guys that joined our crew, also.

(insert non-existent picture here)

the concert was great. i only, half of the music they played.
nonetheless, it was amazing.
the are great entertainers and musicians.
the perfect combo.

but U2 also brings a political component to the mix.
being a band that is part of international organizations like amnesty international, (red), and the one campaign (to name a select few), quite a bit of the show reflects a humanistic mentality.

the most interesting part about it:
most of the people at the concert dug it.
it reminded me of church services:
hands raised, singing along, amens cheering.
sounds familiar, eh?

U2 has become a religion,
a concert has become a church services,
and we are now our own saviors.

don't get me wrong, i enjoyed the concert with its musicality and performance qualities.

but i wasn't worshiping U2
or embracing a humanistic mentality.
i didn't, and still don't, believe that any one, but Christ can save me.

my heart hurts for the people who adhere to such "religious" practices.
may they have their eyes of their hearts enlightened to the Gospel of grace!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

leave of absence

much of what you are about to read, has been blogged about before.
get over it.

i haven't been blogging as much as usual lately. main reason: i don't have much to tell. i work, i sleep *sometimes*, and eat. this is the synopsis of my life. 

i talked with a friend today about the transition from "college" life to "adult" life.
she agreed: it sucked. 

i miss those that have comprised my community for the past five years.

i miss the sun.

i miss the constant accountability to live a gospel-center, missional life.

but i'm not there anymore. 
and i need to get over it.

today, i did four loads of laundry, cored a half-flat of strawberries, made a cake, and cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, while watching the giants in HD.

boring? yes. 
necessary? yes.

as boring and mundane as my life seems to be, i am grateful for 
this season to seek God in the mundane;
to see the need for Him even when things are going well;
to worship the God of consistency and mystery;
to fall in deeper love with the One who's love is unending and unconditional.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

ingrid bergman

first it was kim novak.

now it's ingrid bergman.

nope, a patient didn't say i looked like this famous hollywood icon.

my aunt did.

this is probably the biggest compliment of my life.

ingrid always played strong, female roles.
not to mention the fact she's flippin' gorgeous.

sadly, not sure i'm seeing it.