Sunday, June 5, 2011

leave of absence

much of what you are about to read, has been blogged about before.
get over it.

i haven't been blogging as much as usual lately. main reason: i don't have much to tell. i work, i sleep *sometimes*, and eat. this is the synopsis of my life. 

i talked with a friend today about the transition from "college" life to "adult" life.
she agreed: it sucked. 

i miss those that have comprised my community for the past five years.

i miss the sun.

i miss the constant accountability to live a gospel-center, missional life.

but i'm not there anymore. 
and i need to get over it.

today, i did four loads of laundry, cored a half-flat of strawberries, made a cake, and cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, while watching the giants in HD.

boring? yes. 
necessary? yes.

as boring and mundane as my life seems to be, i am grateful for 
this season to seek God in the mundane;
to see the need for Him even when things are going well;
to worship the God of consistency and mystery;
to fall in deeper love with the One who's love is unending and unconditional.


Jillian, Riverside said...

I miss you. Find a job in SoCal and let's be roommates.

{cuppakim} said...

i love you. and yeah, being a grown up has its sucky side.

but it also has the awesome side. you know, the part where you can afford to go to a Giants game whenever you want? B/C you have a J.O.B.

that's just one of the perks. there are a lot of 'em! We'll discuss more. ;)