Thursday, June 30, 2011

a GIANT obsession

i'm not sure exactly when it happened. 
close to this time last year seems most likely.

but somewhere along the line,
i became obsessed with the san francisco giants.

okay, maybe obsessed is too strong of a word.
but i really, really like them.

and let me clear this up, 
i don't really like baseball,
just the giants.

there's just something about the orange and black that has stolen my attention.

is it the world series win? 

is it the fact that they have multiple players with incredible facial hair?

is it that they have some of the funniest commercials?

or is it that i have come to feel as if i know the giants.

ok, kinda stalker status weird, but any giants fans out there agree?

for the first time since barry bonds, jt snow, and benito santiago,
i actually know who is on the team.

i can name almost all of them.
and know when they're batting, (especially in the case of aaron rowand).
i still don't know all of their numbers or stats, 
thus keeping me some distance from "obsessed" status.

it's a good team to know about when working in san francisco.
more often than not i can talk to my patients about the giants. 
it's a good ice breaker when you've got to start a new iv.

so here's to you, sf giants!
many thanks to your marketing team for making you so likeable!


{cuppakim} said...

i freaking love this post. hahaha.

the giants have some killer marketing. i mean winning the world series was great. and they took that and ran with it. seriously.

what can you NOT love about the giants?

and your obsession is amazing.

i'm glad that you are on board for wikipedia as much as i am.

162 games of awesomeness.

who knew?

love the ad-hoc 1 or 5 game series as well. hahaha.

i'm just cracking myself up.


LN said...

Fun post Cind... LOVE that commercial... one of the best!!