Friday, July 8, 2011

not promoting weight loss

last year, i decided it was time to lose some weight for reals. 
so over the next six-ish months, i worked hard and lost 22lbs.

the came the next six-ish months, and i gained it back. 


well, it's time to get back on the weight-loss wagon.

things i'm doing to promote weight loss:
*started logging food again through
i'm a fan. (mostly cause it's free)

*at least 30min of cardio a week. 

*eating fruits, veggies, and healthy protein when i work nights.

*cutting back on my starbucks intake 
(specifically drinks that have milk in it)

wow, this is a good enough start there. 
in the words of dr. leo marvin, baby steps.

welp, away we go!


LN said...


(insert picture here of Rosie the Riveter!)

rachel said...

1. myfittnesspal is so good! i logged my food for a little over a month and then i got lazy. i should start doing that again.
2. what about bob is so good! i want to watch that movie now.
3. you can do it!