Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pintertest Kitchen: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

i love having an excuse to try something from pinterest.
and i love that so many popular pins have to do with pumpkin!
summer may be my favorite season, but i sure do love that availability of all things pumpkin during the fall!

last month i tried pumpkin brownies.
a total win.

i wanted to replicate somthing equally as awesome.
so i tried these:
pumpkin cream cheese bars.
low cal, few ingredients, very promising.

except they weren't that great.
they tasted good, but they were kinda crumbly.
i think this may have been my fault.
not enough pre-bake knife-stirring action?
i'm not really sure.

if anyone has any suggestions about what i may have done wrong, 
please feel free to let me know!

can't wait to read about what others have tried!



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Wordless Wednesday: NEEDTOBREATHE Recap and SF Giant's Day

photo credit: ashley helenius

photo credit: ashley helenius



Monday, October 29, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

this weekend has been fantistic!

the weekend started with the giants 2 games up in the world series.
i mean, pretty great start, right?

two of my good friends from college came for a visit.
i make quite a few jaunts down to socal, 
so when friends take time and money to come visit me,
it means a lot!

on saturday, we decided to take the duck tour.
i may have grown up 30 minutes from san francisco,
but i have no shame in wanting to take this tour and actually doing it.

we quacked our way through the streets of san fran, thoroughly enjoying every moment!
lauren even got to steer when we were in the water!

we decided to drive around the city a bit,
making stops at AT&T park and the painted ladies
all while jamming to call me maybe and as long as you love me.

oh, we also hit up a san mateo landmark:
yumi yogurt.
best frozen yogurt. ever.

our weekend adventure even had a mascot!
blog world, meet willie.
willie is a die-hard giants fan.
he was so stoked to watch game 3 
and see his idle, mr. mays.

willie convinced deanna and lauren to get some giants gear. 
it's almost a must when watching the giants beat the tigers in game 3 of the world series. 

sunday came, we went to church, ate some grub, and i took them back to the airport.
super sad to say goodbye, but so grateful they came!
thanks again, ladies! you rock.  

oh, did you hear what happened sunday night?
sweeping the favorites. 
what now, east coast?

great season boys!
so proud to call myself an sf giants fan!



Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 on 10: late night lovin'

on the 9th, i went into work.
but i ended up not being on the schedule.

my ten on ten post begins at 11pm on the 9th.
i know, cheating.
but you'll get over it.

 christine and i hung out for a bit,
including an almost-midnight snack at in and out.

my home away from home these days.
finally taking advantage of the "24 hour" business.
midnight is my new fave time to workout.
gym to myself.

 wasn't ready to sleep
so ho-cho and paperwork for work.
well, i didn't get very far on the paperwork.

as in pm.
that's what happens when you stay up til 3am.

found this chica on fb and decided we should skype.
she's spending the semester in israel and i'm uber jeally.
super good to catch up with one of my sisters!

got some jamba with yoonie.
BOGO on pumpkin smash smoothies.
go and get one.

listened to and "watched" the game on this puppy.
good win, giants!
game five, here we come!

early dinner at jefferey's with christine.
yep, two burger's in one day.
easy on the silent judgement, people.

i allow myself one cup of coffee over 12 hours at work.
coffee, meet your new best friend.

me at work.
i was pretty busy, so was me doing the whole
"time to compose myself and take a quick photo"

well, there it is!
hope your 10th was just as fantastic!
cindy :)

ps- i missed the link up. curse you, bad internet server at work!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: Sluggard Edition


such an ugly word.

but the reality is, i'm lazy.

i'm easing myself back into the pintertest world with this no brainer recipe.

pumpkin brownies.
two ingredients.
five if you include the frosting.

check it.

1) put the brownie mix and pumpkin in a bowl; stir.
2) grease pan and put in the oven for 25min at 350 degrees.
3) in another bowl, cream a stick of butter and 1/4 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice together. add 2 cups of powder sugar and mix with electric blender.
4) let brownies cool and then frost.
5) consume with joy.

so easy, right?
pinterest win

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ps, this new button is rad!
well done, katy!