Thursday, October 4, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: Sluggard Edition


such an ugly word.

but the reality is, i'm lazy.

i'm easing myself back into the pintertest world with this no brainer recipe.

pumpkin brownies.
two ingredients.
five if you include the frosting.

check it.

1) put the brownie mix and pumpkin in a bowl; stir.
2) grease pan and put in the oven for 25min at 350 degrees.
3) in another bowl, cream a stick of butter and 1/4 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice together. add 2 cups of powder sugar and mix with electric blender.
4) let brownies cool and then frost.
5) consume with joy.

so easy, right?
pinterest win

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ps, this new button is rad!
well done, katy!


{cuppakim} said...

Yum. How come these never made their way in front of my face?!?

Jamie Van Nuys said...

you know, these would make a great gift.

just saying.

"try it, you'll like it"

Susan said...

I need these in my life. MFP doesn't have to know. It'll be our secret. Going to the store for brownie mix PRONTO.

Jessica Johnson said...

I love sluggards. And, I'm with Kim. My face did not see these. And my face is sad about that. They look DELISH. Thanks for linking up, friend. I love you. Now make another batch.

Margaret Harkin said...

You are far from a sluggard, you night nurse. You just function on a completely different time zone than the rest of us. I would love it if you could make these on October 30th, package them up into little bundles of love, and bring them to Davis with us for a little mid-concert snick snack. HELL YA.

Jessica said...

i'm going to have to try these....they look so good! and I'm all about easy.

Mindy said...

Don't think of it as sluggardly. Think of it as efficient!!