Tuesday, August 30, 2011

times, they are a changin'

the Lord has been gracious and has been
convicting me of areas i need to change.

part of the reason the past months have seemed so dark is because
i've been so utterly distracted from seeing and savoring God.

lack of sleep.
relationships changing.
different influences.

who knew i was so easily influenced by these
things i never used to care about?

as the Lord continues to reveal such areas of weakness and sin,
i know i need to make drastic changes.
i mean, let's be honest,
the small ones i was attempting to make just weren't working.

change 1:
no facebook.
my facebook account is officially deactivated.
i'm not saying it will be forever,
but it is for this season.

change 2:
Bible reading.
i started the ten's list and have really been enjoying
the variety of scripture consumed daily.
{more on this to come}

change 3:

hey, i'm slow at change.
and fickle.
i can only take so much change at once.

i'm not sure how this will all turn out.
i may be back on facebook in a week,
having forgotten the purpose behind letting it go.
i could be spending more time watching
mad men then time in scriptures.

but i do know that the Lord says He will give us the desires of our hearts
and my desire is to fall more in love with Him.

Lord, prove yourself faithful once again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

mad about mugs

one of my good and longest friends is celebrating her blog-versary.

and she celebrated with a mug swap.
super fun, right?

well, i needed to buy a cute mug for this hip mom-blogger.
but here's the thing:
i suck at decisions.
mostly decisions that affect other people.
you know, like buying a mug for someone i've never met.

*  *  *

i went to visit my dear sister at work.
just so happens she works at a coffee shop/boutique fusion.
and she just happened to show me the mugs,
and i just so happened to purchase one.

this one.

WAIT, that's not the end of my story!
well, hannah is ringing up my purchase when she procedes to ask,
"what drink do you want?"
"what?" i reply.
"your free drink? after you buy a mug?" she informs me.

i'm all about a deal.
and this was a match made in heaven.

so here's to celebrating friends-

Saturday, August 20, 2011


alright, sorry to those of you who have already grabbed my button
(thank you, by the way),

but the button below will work for reals.

so grab it already!

Friday, August 19, 2011


trying to make a button.

did it work?


feedback always appreciated.

especially now.

CAUTION: construction

my blog is currently undergoing some MAJOR renovation.

maybe i was inspired by my friend patrick after 
our chat about html, php, and lsd 

or maybe it was my picnik upgrade

or even just having five nights off in a row.

whatever the reason,
you are currently in a construction zone.

hard hats, please.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

say hello to my little friend

i recently gave away my travel Bible.
i knew the Lord was telling me to give it away,
but for some reason i grieved its loss.

i bought this Bible right after j.w.i. and it has been my go to during 
so many transitions and experiences in life.
from hume to college,
from college to rwanda,
from rwanda to india
and back again.
truly, this Bible was my sword, 
kept safe in the sheath of my purse,
ready for battle.

now, i have a pretty nice study Bible
(effectionately called rosecrans),
but of course i left it at the building after worship service this week.

you guessed it,
i bought a new one.

everybody, say hello to my little friend.

not only is she the perfect size, but she's cute.

best part:
the scripture.

"Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?"
Matthew 6:26 

during this current season of life, where want is not a concern,
worry and over-concern seem to creep in more easily.
strange, huh?
but the Lord has been faithful *yet again* in reminding me of 
His faithfulness and sovereignity in all seasons of life.

like a bird.

Monday, August 15, 2011

ebenezer: adulthood

i think i really entered the land of adulthood 
when i started working my first full time job.

and that was one year ago today.

i remember the day clearly:
the weather was, well, not clear,
i looked professional,
 i arrived 30min early, just to make sure i got a parking spot and found the building on time,
and i was totally distracted with other things in life.

i sat through meeting after meeting
from homeland security to patient privacy,
from payroll and retirement to my oath of office
(working for the executive branch of the 
US government is pretty hard core).

{insert one year}

although the luster of having a full time job has dulled,
the paychecks and privacy laws part of the norm,
and the oath of office somewhat distant,
today i am just as grateful for this job as i was a year ago.
the Lord alone has provided.

i prayed earnestly before i graduated from college into the time of my interviews that the Lord would provide a job for me in the bay area that i might be able to participate in this.

truly, He was faithful,
and He remains faithful.

my ebenezer is not solely about being an adult,
but rather the faithfulness of God in adulthood.

today, i lean on this fact
 and rest in its truth.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

it's been a while

it feels like it's been a while since i've blogged,

but i have my reasons.

mostly, i've been consumed with trying to find a mug for this friends 

the pressure.
the pressure!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


i really like driving.
just me, my tunes, and the open road.

which would be true if i wasn't the destination wasn't socal.
i looked up the traffic this am on mapquest.
the dominant colors were yellow and red.
but i guess this was true for the majority of california

so in order to practice my spiritual gift of procrastination,
i made some playlists and purchased some new music.
shout out to kim for the suggestions.

mat kearney:
live album and young life.
i think i'm addicted.

finally got the outsiders album AND the new single, slumber.

Shane and Shane:
pages is an awesome album.

Hymns Mix:
renditions from enfield to chris tomlin to david crowder.
i love hymns. 
this mix makes me excited.

look out not-so-open road,
me and my tunes are comin your way!