Monday, August 15, 2011

ebenezer: adulthood

i think i really entered the land of adulthood 
when i started working my first full time job.

and that was one year ago today.

i remember the day clearly:
the weather was, well, not clear,
i looked professional,
 i arrived 30min early, just to make sure i got a parking spot and found the building on time,
and i was totally distracted with other things in life.

i sat through meeting after meeting
from homeland security to patient privacy,
from payroll and retirement to my oath of office
(working for the executive branch of the 
US government is pretty hard core).

{insert one year}

although the luster of having a full time job has dulled,
the paychecks and privacy laws part of the norm,
and the oath of office somewhat distant,
today i am just as grateful for this job as i was a year ago.
the Lord alone has provided.

i prayed earnestly before i graduated from college into the time of my interviews that the Lord would provide a job for me in the bay area that i might be able to participate in this.

truly, He was faithful,
and He remains faithful.

my ebenezer is not solely about being an adult,
but rather the faithfulness of God in adulthood.

today, i lean on this fact
 and rest in its truth.


{cuppakim} said...

happy work a versary my friend. i can hardly believe its been a full year. :)

it is a hard transition to make, and you have done so gracefully.

keep relying on Jesus for the strength, and He will take care of the rest.

you are an awesome nurse.

i MIGHT let you start an iv on me one of these days if i have to....

HPham said...

i love you so much. you're such an encouragement to me. :)