Wednesday, August 24, 2011

mad about mugs

one of my good and longest friends is celebrating her blog-versary.

and she celebrated with a mug swap.
super fun, right?

well, i needed to buy a cute mug for this hip mom-blogger.
but here's the thing:
i suck at decisions.
mostly decisions that affect other people.
you know, like buying a mug for someone i've never met.

*  *  *

i went to visit my dear sister at work.
just so happens she works at a coffee shop/boutique fusion.
and she just happened to show me the mugs,
and i just so happened to purchase one.

this one.

WAIT, that's not the end of my story!
well, hannah is ringing up my purchase when she procedes to ask,
"what drink do you want?"
"what?" i reply.
"your free drink? after you buy a mug?" she informs me.

i'm all about a deal.
and this was a match made in heaven.

so here's to celebrating friends-

1 comment:

{cuppakim} said...

super cute muggity mug!

super cute mug peddler/drink maker.

and WHAT is that delicious looking bev? i may need to get me one of those!