Sunday, November 10, 2013

10 on 10: sunday snippets

happy ten on ten!
hope you enjoy ten snippets of my day
and away we go....

good morning snuggles

fall is great

pre church planting fuel

k garne?

hope juniors

kaepernick, harbaugh: nice to see ya.

matching beers for our matching jerseys.

post game grass fire?

peace out, candlestick

new candle and Jesus-time catch up

it was quite a day.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pintertest Kitchen: a tale of two tiramisu

this is a story about two tiramisus.
both cakes have a similar essence,
but both are oh so different.
one claims authenticity,
the other claims a unique twist on a classic favorite.

which one will claim the pintertest victory?
let the battle begin.

on the left are the makings of 
an authentic tiramisu trifle.
on the right, the not so authentic version.

i prepared both per the recipe.
although, for the trifle, i wish i had 
softened the mascarpone more.

they both turned out lookin good.
but who cares what it looks like?
it's all about the taste!

i didn't want to leave this heavy decision solely to myself.
so i had a blind tasting with six of my most daring friends.

the nail biting results?
real tiramisu: zero
fake tiramisu: six

i'll be real: the fake stuff was way tastier.
i give it five blondes.

next month, i'm going to try to fuze the two recipes,
so come back for that!

hope you all enjoyed a tale of two tiramisus.
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