Wednesday, December 4, 2013

giving thanks for november

i love having week days off.
it makes the long twelve hour shifts worth while.
i thought it best to update my blog with recent going ons.
what better way to spend my day off wrapped up in my resto, 
sipping on a home made egg nog misto, and listening to future of forestry christmas eps?

last month, my mom and i ventured to redding, ca to visit my aunt. 
i love going to visit. 
redding is absolutely beautiful and a great place for some r and r.

fall is no joke in redding

 hikes and gorgeous beauty abound

balloon flying shananigans after church are pretty great

bay trail walks and awkward selfies are incredible

celebrating new life and sippin on purple kow make me smile

dates with my mama to the coast are too good for words

 attempting to be youths and do a cosmic 5K is hilarious

and who could forget thanksgiving?
it was sincerely the best 
(pun completely intented).

 steiger's thanksgiving palooza was pretty amazing as well

this was our first thanksgiving without gammy,
and very possibly our last thanksgiving with uncle bob.
but despite the emotions, i have much to be thankful for.
{please see above}
i need to be reminded so often that i have much and 
that a spirit of thankfulness should abound in my life,
especially in light of the cross.
as the popular saying goes,
"gratitude turns what we have into enough."


*a grateful* cindy

Sunday, November 10, 2013

10 on 10: sunday snippets

happy ten on ten!
hope you enjoy ten snippets of my day
and away we go....

good morning snuggles

fall is great

pre church planting fuel

k garne?

hope juniors

kaepernick, harbaugh: nice to see ya.

matching beers for our matching jerseys.

post game grass fire?

peace out, candlestick

new candle and Jesus-time catch up

it was quite a day.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pintertest Kitchen: a tale of two tiramisu

this is a story about two tiramisus.
both cakes have a similar essence,
but both are oh so different.
one claims authenticity,
the other claims a unique twist on a classic favorite.

which one will claim the pintertest victory?
let the battle begin.

on the left are the makings of 
an authentic tiramisu trifle.
on the right, the not so authentic version.

i prepared both per the recipe.
although, for the trifle, i wish i had 
softened the mascarpone more.

they both turned out lookin good.
but who cares what it looks like?
it's all about the taste!

i didn't want to leave this heavy decision solely to myself.
so i had a blind tasting with six of my most daring friends.

the nail biting results?
real tiramisu: zero
fake tiramisu: six

i'll be real: the fake stuff was way tastier.
i give it five blondes.

next month, i'm going to try to fuze the two recipes,
so come back for that!

hope you all enjoyed a tale of two tiramisus.
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Monday, October 14, 2013

southern lovin'

this past week, i spent some time in raleigh, north carolina 
with some pretty awesome people.
we hung out, went to an international fair, 
spent some time at the beach, and pursued fall colors.
i won't bore you with too many words;
i'll let the pictures tell the story...

 my only hint of fall colors in the distance while i sipped chai and spent time with Jesus.

"fake friend" time over some pretty coffee and yummy food.

fun times celebrating culture with these chicks

 first view of the atlantic!
the sky is literally on fire
while the sun is being amazing and doing this,
i turned around and saw this:

later, we all hit the beach for a stroll.
i mean, the beach is pretty magical.
chai and chat in person.
so good for my soul.
it's  just pretty in the south. 
 fall finally showed its shy self.
 you can say what you want about the SBC,
but their focus on reaching the nations is unparallelled. 
grateful for their influence in my life.
 i got to have one more date with susan, too!

sadly, all good things come to an end
and i was california bound.
but not before one last amazing sunrise in the carolinas.

i am so grateful for this time away!
i was able to reconnect with old friends, make new friends,
and spend some much needed time with Jesus.
well, until next time.



Thursday, October 10, 2013

10 on 10: east to west

ten on ten:
ten photos on the tenth of every month.
this month, we go from coast to coast.
away we go!

my vacay in north carolina was over
and this kid got up super early to take me to the airport.

busy, busy at the raleigh airport.

landed in charoletee just in time for this.

 layovers mean finishing books

guys! it's pumpkin smash season at jamba!
layovers are also good on the taste buds.

water and movies somewhere over the midwest.

the bay welcomed me home with fall in full effect:

pumpkins beckoned at traders,

and moccasins kept my feet warm.

this afternoon was spent sippin
on some pumpkin rooibus in my new mug.
grateful to take some NC home with me.

happy ten on ten, y'all!
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*jet lagged* cindy