Monday, March 18, 2013

Nurses' Weekend Out

one of the perks of being a nurse is getting week days off.
that perk turns pretty sweet when your 
fellow nurses have those days off too.
pretty sweet turns into awesome when you get to hang out with them.

two of my longest friends from college 
and i got together this past week.
ventura was our destination, home of the beautiful amanda.
the original intent was to fly to san diego, meet up with the lovely leah, and then road trip to ventura.
sadly, weather sucked wasn't on our side 
and plans had to be changed.
good news! all three of us ended up in ventura.

sweet, sweet reunion.

 coffee bean is always a must in socal.
also, new fave: chocolate covered meringues.

 santa barbara is crazy.
mail boxes without slots, 
fancy mcdonalds that take golden arches to the next level, 
and scandalous jewlery stores.

the weekend only got better when i found that shirt.
"work hard, party harder."
i mean, duh.
amanda and i went to india together so we love to eat food 
from indian when we're together.
one of my favorite traditions.

the next day included chick-fil-a,
a precious pup named bo,
and xbox connect.

overall, an amazing week with some bosom friends.

while it was sad to say goodbye, i was thankful for a smooth flight back to the land of milk and honey bay area.
thanks, ladies, for an amazing time!
can't wait until we get to hang out again.



Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 on 10: just another sunday

as i mentioned last month,
sundays are my favorite day of the week.
here's why:

the shift may have only been 11 hours,
but night nurses love to read.
and put their feet up.
 did i mention that my shift was an hour shorter?
daylight savings time did me good.

hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

apparently i really like wearing black, grey, and green.

please note the debut of my europe purse.
good strap length, zippers, durable.
and freaking cute.

i was so sleepy today at church, i chilled in the back 
with a pretty adorable kidlet and her mama.
but davis still brought it.

where my girls at?!
right here.
and they be pretty darn awesome.

a house on my street has two beautiful tulip trees.
the picture doesn't even come close to how awesome it is.

hi, my name is cindy, and i'm a candy crush addict.

kim is all about the B.O.Y.D.
you know,
bring your own dessert.
thankfully she shared.
wanna know what she made? 
check out her pintertest coming to a blog near you!

ten on ten button

Thursday, March 7, 2013

PinterTest Kitchen: Trifecta of Delicious

i've been busy pintering my lil' heart out!
i went back to cooking because i'm better at that then crafting.
three recipes have been tried and found true.
check it:

 made these on a whim one night and they were delish!
original recipe here.

i know it doesn't look like much,
but it was SO easy and SO good.
the first time i made it, i used half balsamic vinegar
 and half balsamic vinaigrette.
i liked it that way better.

dude, they really taste like the brownies from school!
very decadent and total simple.
side note:
i added the nuts to the top so the no-nut people wouldn't flip on me.

another month of successful testing.
can't wait to read what you all did!
and if you did something, 
you should link up with jess, too!