Thursday, March 7, 2013

PinterTest Kitchen: Trifecta of Delicious

i've been busy pintering my lil' heart out!
i went back to cooking because i'm better at that then crafting.
three recipes have been tried and found true.
check it:

 made these on a whim one night and they were delish!
original recipe here.

i know it doesn't look like much,
but it was SO easy and SO good.
the first time i made it, i used half balsamic vinegar
 and half balsamic vinaigrette.
i liked it that way better.

dude, they really taste like the brownies from school!
very decadent and total simple.
side note:
i added the nuts to the top so the no-nut people wouldn't flip on me.

another month of successful testing.
can't wait to read what you all did!
and if you did something, 
you should link up with jess, too!




{cuppakim} said...

all of these recipes look AMAZING.
lunch lady brownies. that's awesome.

and who are these no nut flipper outters you reference.

Jamie Van Nuys said...

these lunch lady brownies look mighty interesting. I will take a look at the recipe!

Are ya'll going Paleo?

JuRita said...

Good Job. Lovely recipes. It is always fun when we have pinterest achievements!
Linking up with the Johnsons too,

Jessica Johnson said...

I just pinned those brownies this morning!! Thank you for doing the work for me. And that chicken looks fab. And I know from first hand experience that those cookies are GOOD. Thanks for linking up, chica!

Becky said...

You weren't kidding, that IS a trifecta of deliciousness! I think I have those cookies pinned...I'll have to move them up on the "to make" list!