Sunday, July 20, 2014

prayer: the greater work

"prayer doesn't prepare you for the greater work;
prayer is the greater work."

my late grandmother penned that in her journal years ago.
in her later years, she would spend much of the day praying 
for lists and lists of people and ministries.
my mom must have learned the value of prayer from her
because every morning as a child, 
i remember my mom on her knees praying.
i knew that it was a sacred time.

unlike these matriarchs in my family,
i all too often trivialize prayer.
i'm all too quick to say "i'll pray for you."
and i will. a couple of times. and sometimes half heartedly.
but isn't prayer bigger than that?

i know that it is.
and i know that ministry is often futile without prayer.

as i head overseas, i'm beginning to see how crucial prayer is.
in fact, i'm craving time with Jesus.
and i've been praying for a good time of preparation, a ready heart to serve, and for the Lord the pave the way before me.

but i have a really big favor:
will you pray with and for me?
south asia is a very spiritual place and i know that i can't go and serve there without people here holding the rope through prayer.
and as important as financial support, 
i need prayer support even more.

if you are able to commit to praying with and for me, 
will you let me know?
comment below, 
send me a facebook message, 
or email me at

prayer is a big deal.
it is the greater work



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

fundraising: a change of heart

it comes with so many negative connotations.
it oozes of car washes, rummage sales, and chocolate candy.

growing up, i often felt fundraising was a burden.
i would tentatively ask for monetary support.

but i have to honest.
i haven't been able to do much "going"
in the last couple of years,
so i gave.
and i prayed.
and i watched God move in amazing ways.

i've heard outreach refered to as a well:
there are those who go down into the well
and there are those who hold the rope.
both jobs equally important.
both jobs much  needed.

i'd like to give you the oppourtunity to hold the rope for me.
moreover, i'd like to give you the chance to join in on God's mission for His people in a unique way.

i'm not writing this to make you feel guilty
or coerce you to do something that you don't want to.
rather, my goal is to reshape how we think about giving.
it is so fullfilling to give!

so will you partner with me?
i need to raise a total of $8,000 for my ten months abroad.
this means i'll be living on $800 a month
and that i'll need to raise about $500 a week until i leave.

please, spend some time praying about what
giving will look like for you.
and please remember:
any size gift can do wonders for kingdom work.

and if you decide you are able to give,
please check out my fundraising site:

for those of you who have already given so sacrificially,
thank you.
for those of you who will give with gladness,
thank you.
for those of you who will partner with me in prayer,
thank you.

again, i thank you for your love and support
as i begin this new stage of life!