Tuesday, August 30, 2011

times, they are a changin'

the Lord has been gracious and has been
convicting me of areas i need to change.

part of the reason the past months have seemed so dark is because
i've been so utterly distracted from seeing and savoring God.

lack of sleep.
relationships changing.
different influences.

who knew i was so easily influenced by these
things i never used to care about?

as the Lord continues to reveal such areas of weakness and sin,
i know i need to make drastic changes.
i mean, let's be honest,
the small ones i was attempting to make just weren't working.

change 1:
no facebook.
my facebook account is officially deactivated.
i'm not saying it will be forever,
but it is for this season.

change 2:
Bible reading.
i started the ten's list and have really been enjoying
the variety of scripture consumed daily.
{more on this to come}

change 3:

hey, i'm slow at change.
and fickle.
i can only take so much change at once.

i'm not sure how this will all turn out.
i may be back on facebook in a week,
having forgotten the purpose behind letting it go.
i could be spending more time watching
mad men then time in scriptures.

but i do know that the Lord says He will give us the desires of our hearts
and my desire is to fall more in love with Him.

Lord, prove yourself faithful once again.

1 comment:

Kimberlee said...

Friend, this makes me so excited!!!! This is what I've been praying for you for months!!! PTL :)