Thursday, August 4, 2011


i really like driving.
just me, my tunes, and the open road.

which would be true if i wasn't the destination wasn't socal.
i looked up the traffic this am on mapquest.
the dominant colors were yellow and red.
but i guess this was true for the majority of california

so in order to practice my spiritual gift of procrastination,
i made some playlists and purchased some new music.
shout out to kim for the suggestions.

mat kearney:
live album and young life.
i think i'm addicted.

finally got the outsiders album AND the new single, slumber.

Shane and Shane:
pages is an awesome album.

Hymns Mix:
renditions from enfield to chris tomlin to david crowder.
i love hymns. 
this mix makes me excited.

look out not-so-open road,
me and my tunes are comin your way!


{cuppakim} said...

get it girl. enjoy your trip. :) and the new jams.

Jessica Johnson said...

you are killing me with young life. you mean young LOVE. have fun! life you, girl! xxoo