Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pintertest Kitchen: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

i love having an excuse to try something from pinterest.
and i love that so many popular pins have to do with pumpkin!
summer may be my favorite season, but i sure do love that availability of all things pumpkin during the fall!

last month i tried pumpkin brownies.
a total win.

i wanted to replicate somthing equally as awesome.
so i tried these:
pumpkin cream cheese bars.
low cal, few ingredients, very promising.

except they weren't that great.
they tasted good, but they were kinda crumbly.
i think this may have been my fault.
not enough pre-bake knife-stirring action?
i'm not really sure.

if anyone has any suggestions about what i may have done wrong, 
please feel free to let me know!

can't wait to read about what others have tried!



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Jessica Johnson said...

sorry for your misadventures in pumpkin bar making. i think reduced fat is the problem. it's usually always the problem. for me at least. love you, friend. thanks for linking up.

Margaret Harkin said...

NOMS. we won't have anything like this in Nepal. it will be hard, but we will get through.