Friday, November 9, 2012

t-shirt TIME

i'm hesitant to admit it,
but i've watched an episode and a half of jersey shore.
please, control your judgmental attitude.
who am i kidding? i judge myself.

however, it is a good show to laugh at and 
ponder the depravity of man.
just sayin'.

what's the point of this out of character pop culture reference?
well, i'm headed to the jersey shore.
unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard about the mega storm that hit the east coast about a week ago.
hundreds of thousands are still without power.
112 are dead.

it's hard for me not to process those facts as just numbers.
but the reality is, those numbers represent people.
and those people are in need. serious need.

if you don't believe me or have a hard time grasping what's going on thousands of miles away, check out this video.

my church is sending a team of ten-ish people
from the end of november to the beginning of december.
after some crazy pleading with my boss and lots of prayer, 
i have the privileged of being part of this team.

will you join our team, too?
please pray 
               for the people native to the region hit by this storm,
                    for those sacrificing there time and 
                     resources to help the efforts,
                         for the hope team headed to the east coast.

thank you in advance for praying!
if you'd like any more info, please feel free to get in touch!
and please come back to find out more.


{cuppakim} said...

no words.
no judgement. (i might be a bad influence).

It is unreal to me how the Lord has laid out the plans for this trip. It is CRAZY evident how he is in it.


Ellen said...

Excited to be hands and feet...
Excited to see what God will do...