Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 on 10: just a normal day

happy ten on ten!

discussing our plans for grad school

 the necessities at work

love getting in the elevator after work

another beautiful day in san fran

time for a trim

sister finally got fed up with my clean clothes on the couch

sleep time with the resto

and the heater

curry up now for dinner

movie date with some of my faves

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Jessica Johnson said...

So I did 2 on 10? I ALWAYS FORGETTTTT. Love your set. Especially the last one. Love you, girls.

Verna Lantz said...

Looks like a good day.
You know, I couldn't get through my day without the coffee either. It is the nectar of the gods. :)

{cuppakim} said...

you are fun.
you need ANOTHER trim already?
you get haircuts as much as you go to so cal. #toomuch

i haven't had my hair cut in like a year+.

also, i just went to socal. but you know this.

Margaret Harkin said...

curry up now.
and that movie.
you. cannot. go. wrong.