Monday, November 19, 2012

Wild Wedding Weekend

i love weddings.
i'm kind of obsessed.
i mean, they're magical.

this saturday, my dear friend from college got married.

we met freshman year, served in rwanda together, were RA's together, and were nursing students and roommates. 
this girl is pretty dang special.
it was so fun to be part of her wedding week!

i flew down to riverside on thursday.
showed up an hour later than i was supposed.

plus side: i got an upgrade in a rental car.

yes, that's a prius.
and yes, i'm in love.  

jennifer hosted the lingerie shower that night.
i was on refreshments.
caramel apple cupcakes, apple and caramel rice cakes, 
and hot apple cider.
the favors were paper straws and caramel apple pops.
i think it was a hit! 
thanks again for the recipe, emily!
on friday, i woke up to this sky.

and then i got to spend the morning with my beautiful friend from nursing school.
it's been almost a year since we've hung out, but it was great to pick up where we left off!

later that day was the bachelorette party.
we headed to temecula for a scenic lunch and wine tasting.

such a good time! 

saturday started out right with some coffee from bean coffee.
their gingerbread syrup trumps starbucks.
just sayin'.

we headed to oak glen to set up and get ready for the wedding;
everything was picture perfect!

 and there were some pretty awesome people to celebrate with

a beautiful day celebrating a beautiful couple

so many congrats to mr. and mrs. williams!
such a fantastic weekend with so many amazing friends!
the 2012 year of weddings is officially over for me.
can't wait to see what weddings await in 2013!




{cuppakim} said...

i haven't even read this post yet.
i need to get this out of the way.
are you wearing a white t-shirt under a sweater vest?
please confirm or deny?

going back to read this post now.

{cuppakim} said...

i feel like its appropriate that you drove the "sexy" prius to a lingerie shower.

{cuppakim} said...

um. beautiful.
wine tasting looks AMAZE. we should do that some time?

also. i love her dress.
over and out.

Jessica Johnson said...

I love your life. Goodbye.