Monday, July 11, 2011

July: 10 on 10

happy 10th!
i can't believe it's the 10th of july.
can we please slow this summer down?

well, today started out with a wake up call at 0633
(that's 6:33am for you lay-folks).
i can't remember the last time i had to wake up that early.

*no picture. just imagine me really, really sleepy*

next, some coffee and time in the Scriptures.

then, i did something i've wanted to do for weeks, neigh, months!
i got on my bike and met up with this crazy chica.
then we headed off to sunnybrae where we meet for church.
all in all, good times.
yes, we match. not planned.

once we arrived, kim made the astute observation that no one had signed up to bring food.
this can only mean one thing: TRADER JOE'S RUN!
we hopped into the tucker-mobile with my sis and emily.
we bought and feast, but it was almost gone by the time service started. 
i love worshipping at this lil' church.
"keep it simple,"
that's our motto.

once i got home, my sister made some lunch.
she wasn't thrilled with me taking a picture, but oh well.

while we ate lunch and watched harry potter.
even though some people are haters
we are excited to watch the series before the new one comes out.

well, i worked tonight, so it was time for a nap.
i like to sleep in this dark corner of our living room.
it's like a nest. a comfortable nest.

on my way out of our building, i found this little gem.
too good not to share:

i headed to no-longer-chipotle sunday.
i got a thai salad and black tea (w/light ice, of course).
the rest of the crew spent time deliberating over where to eat.
always a good time.

well, i had to leave early since i worked sunday night,
but don't worry, i got the hook ups with the caffiene
and caught up on the giants game on my way.

hope you enjoyed this rendition of 10 on 10!
until next month...

1 comment:

{cuppakim} said...

loving this.

our bikes got so much blog pub this weekend! WOOT.

love your day. cracking up that jes got linked as a hater hahaha.

and the disappearing snack table is my fav.

not my fav? affeldt and wilson giving up runs.

still, a win is a win is a win.