Friday, June 10, 2011

June: 10 on 10

happy june 10th!
here's a little sneak peak into my weird life.

my day started out as usual: Jesus time and social networking.
i was also trying to buy my tickets to indo, but that venture was unsuccessful.

 i headed out for some grocery shopping in this stylish ensemble.
shhh....don't tell stacy and clinton.

i needed a potato masher. 
it took me five minutes to find it.
wonder why....

then, i brought lunch to this lovely lady.
subway is always a winner.

well, she and her hubby had just moved, so i got a 
chance to help them out a bit.
we made two boxes of ikea goodness turn into a 
pretty sweet storage space.
girl power reigns again!

i needed to make a pie. so i did.
i think it's gonna taste amazing.

i was cleaning because it just needed to be done.
as i was putting laundry away, my 25 yr/o 
dresser decided to break.


for the third time this move.
welp, time for a change. an expensive change.

i had a chance to get a new bottle of wine.
okay, fake wine. 
there's alcohol, but real winos would say this would be a 
crap bottle of wine.

i don't care.
shout out to this crazy friend for introducing this to me.

i bought a kindle. 
yesterday, i got one of those ups notices on my door.
tonight, same thing.
BUT the ups guy left it on my porch!
BHA! time to get down with my techy self.

welp, it's friday, so a girl's night was in order.
giants game, "whip it,"  macs, and yumi.
whata night!

and there you have it. happy june, everyone!


{cuppakim} said...

happpyyy JUNE. so glad i made it to your 10 on 10.

love seeing rosecrans get a shoutout!

and can we bust into that pie now...

okay. i know. i'll wait til tomorrow.

Kimberlee said...


Jessica Johnson said...

cindy. wild VINES???!!! DYING. seriously. cannot stop laughing. you KILL me.

rachel said...

i enjoy posts like this.