Thursday, June 9, 2011

concert reflections

i'll admit, i'm not very concert-savy.

my first 3 concerts were to *NSYNC.
pathetic, it's true.
but over the last year, i've experienced 3 better concerts:
need2breath and train
the daylights and need2breath
lenny kravitz and U2.

clearly, the latter trumps them all.

i was revved for the concert. i got to spend the night
with some pretty hip folks.

this is me, my sister, and our good friend jess. 
please believe, we were excited we were there!

it was also special to have my cousin there. 
he works on ships and is gone for the majority of the year.
good thing bono broke his back, so jon could join us!

there were two other guys that joined our crew, also.

(insert non-existent picture here)

the concert was great. i only, half of the music they played.
nonetheless, it was amazing.
the are great entertainers and musicians.
the perfect combo.

but U2 also brings a political component to the mix.
being a band that is part of international organizations like amnesty international, (red), and the one campaign (to name a select few), quite a bit of the show reflects a humanistic mentality.

the most interesting part about it:
most of the people at the concert dug it.
it reminded me of church services:
hands raised, singing along, amens cheering.
sounds familiar, eh?

U2 has become a religion,
a concert has become a church services,
and we are now our own saviors.

don't get me wrong, i enjoyed the concert with its musicality and performance qualities.

but i wasn't worshiping U2
or embracing a humanistic mentality.
i didn't, and still don't, believe that any one, but Christ can save me.

my heart hurts for the people who adhere to such "religious" practices.
may they have their eyes of their hearts enlightened to the Gospel of grace!


Jessica Johnson said...

i totally worship bono. JKAYYYYY for reals. i don't worship bono. fun show! so glad we went together! :)

Kimberlee said...

Well said, always :)