Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mug Swap 2012

my friend kim hosted her second annual mug swap this past month.
it's such a blast!

send a mug to someone;
get a mug from someone.

hello, she's a genious.

i received my mug before i sent one.
i know, worst mug swap buddy EVER.
sorry ferial. 
i just couldn't decide which mug would fit this lady the best.
i finally ended up with this guy:

 note: i had to steal this from my mug swap-ie. i forgot to snap a pic before i mailed it. #doublefail

cute, right?
a place to put the tea bag before and after steeping.
i wanted to get all pinterest and put something cute on it,
but i was lacky creativity.
so i sent some sharpies her way.
after waiting in this horrific line at the USPS.

anyway, ferial, it was a pleasure stalking you and i hope you can put these mugs to good use on friend catch-up dates!

let's talk about the mug i got:
i got some awesome happy mail from kristy,
my fellow nurse and Jesus lover.
she understands how much nurses love them some mugged beverages
and sent this super cute mug my way!

i love it, kristy!

thanks for the starbies card, too!

another mug swap success!
kim!! can't wait for 2013!

linking up a day late


{cuppakim} said...

look at you.
swapper extraordinaire.

you gave awesome. you received awesome. :)
i'm glad you swapped again friend.
you make it fun. :)

Ellen said...

First, Kim is brill to partner you with this gal.
Second, you chose perfect mugs.
Third, I think I stole your mug today for coffee... maybe not... hehe!!

Jamie Van Nuys said...

dude, this little cubby for the tea bag is genius, as I'm obviously too lazy to get up and throw it away. I can't wait for the weather to get cold so I can drink tea again! Also, love that we are mug twins!