Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 on 10: the mission addition

ha, that rhymed.

my beautiful and wonderfully thoughtful friend
reminded me that today is the 10th.
as soon as i got that text, i yelled,
"tanya! come take a picture with me!"

we may have a total of 10 chins between us, 
but it was for the sake of the blog, so we approved.
this kid is pretty rad. 
we both love india and soup.
we are basically made to be bffs.

 this is what my shift looked like.
i know, exhilarating.

my favorite lab tech was on the unit.
he always greets us with "hello beautiful ladies!"
and when you ask him how he is, 
he replies "everything is under control!"
the best.

so i'm living in the
mission district for a couple of weeks.
it houses some amazing food.
my ever expanding waste line is a testimony to that.
and i've been on a hot pursuit to find the perfect breakfast burrito.

mission accomplished.

they made the tortilla before they made the burrito.
as in, MADE TO ORDER tortilla.

i ate the whole thing.
then went to sleep.
and then woke up with heart burn.
totally worth it.

i took this polish puppy for a sniff walk in the afternoon.

on the sniff walk, i got a $10 off coupon for a facial.
just for being a "dog owner."
dishonest? maybe.
awesome? absolutely.

headed back to san mateo this afternoon to do some chores.
like the laundry i've been putting off for weeks
and finally wiping the hard drive of my PC.
i turned it on and the desktop picture made me so happy.
it's from the last day of nursing class.
i spent 3 hair pulling amazing years with these crazies.
such good memories.

gym time = giants time.
'nough said.

the night with me in sf.
this polish puppy was so out of control overwhelmed with the presence of a new friend, we had to take walk number three.

between sharing a computer for blogging 
and trying to get this pup to relax,
we watched some arrested development 
and had a refreshing, low cal beverage.


well done, september 10th.
the last 10 on 10 of the summer.
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{cuppakim} said...

you LOVE 10 on 10.
not too shabby friend. :)

Kimberlee said...

What a great start!
Way to go CuppaKim for getting you going!!!

Tanya said...

WOOHOO Sweet sister...Love reading your blogs <3