Friday, August 31, 2012

quick update

howdy there, blog world.
it's been awhile.

i guess i don't have much to say these days.
so here's a quick update about what life has held the last few weeks:

i celebrated two years of being a full time nurse!
i mean seriously, whoa.
God is SO good to have provided this job
and to have reaffirmed time and time again that 
He has created me to be nurse.
so grateful.

i got to go on a day date with my beautiful coworker.
be jealous.
she's pretty awesome.

went to my last giants game of the season.
yea, i may be crying right now.
thankfully, we won and i got to eat a corndog.
my college roommate and i are planning 
to run a half marathon in 2013.
we're aiming for the spring, but, deanna,
i haven't run in 2 weeks. we may have to reassess.

i went to wedding 2 of 4 for 2012.
i've known this special lady for eight years
and it was such an honor to celebrate her special day!
also loved hanging out with these lovely ladies!
bff's....or LONGER

my good friend, kim is away.
i got to watch her puppies one night and it was a blast.

i also had to take over her hospitality duties at church.
thankfully, i had some fantastic help.
church planters in training are the best.

i've gone on a couple hikes with this lovely lady.
kindred spirits just scratch the surface.
grateful that the Lord has brought her to the bay!

that about covers it.
coming up:
-2 weeks living in san fran
-wedding 3 of 4
-my friend kimber comes to visit
-a trip to riverside.

man, life is good.

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Ferial Trammell said...

Cindy S! This is Ferial, the grateful girl who received your super cute mugs in the mail! You were so spot on with those! THANK YOUUUU! I didn't know how else to contact you, so I'm just commenting. :) And thank you so much for your sweet note and DIY stuffs and tea. Your package was the perfect thing to come home to! I checked out your profile and noticed that you're a Bay Area girl, so perhaps we can get together sometime! Looking forward to getting to know you more, Cindy S, both in the blogiverse and in away-from-the-computer-life too! ^^