Saturday, September 12, 2009


in a class last semester, we were taught the importance of language in understanding cultural norms, behaviors, and, well, the culture period. in a class this semester, i will again, be studying culture, but in the context of nursing/healthcare. since language has yet to be introduced as a major and key importance in understanding another culture, (ok, we've only had one class), i've started to reflect on language. other circumstances in life also make me begin to wonder how vital language is.

welp. instead of conquoring the guitar as my next project, i will be trying to refresh on languages never truly mastered. spanish and asl will be my tasks. this semester, a friend has graciosuly offered to give me informal asl lessons. next semester, i will either take a class (gulp) or simply review with a roomie a language not listend to seriously for almost eight years (double gulp).

i was talking with a prof about going overseas yesterday and challenged both myself and her with the words "for the sake of the cross." i didn't really understnad these words when i got back from india, but now, more and more by the grace of God, these words make more sense. to communicate the Truth with people, i can't be lazy. so, for the sake of the cross, for the namesake and glory of my Lord, this new task i undertake. oh Lord, grant me grace!

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