Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the final days

i'm sure this won't be the last blog on this subject. it's hard to believe that after spending the last 21 years of my life in school, i will no longer describe myself as a student in 10 days. wow. this fact because more real by the day.

i got my cap and gown on monday. it's kinda ugly, but oh well, it was "free."

i got my last finals care package. my mom wrote the best note ever: "this is it! your final, final exams. you will soon be a graduate. hurray." ok, thanks for making this super real, mom.

after our last class, my nursing class took a picture together. we hadn't done that since our first few days of nursing school, and we have for sure changed, but as anne of green gables would say, these are my kindred spirits.

but maybe...we've just gotten crazier.

i turned in my pda and have completed my final assignments. now to sell some books....

in addition to graduation, i leave for south asia in 15 days. serving Jesus through isp makes me pretty dang happy.

dude. i am SO excited about, but i'm SO nervous. this year as a leader, i've had to define and prepare a lot more-and i just wasn't anticipating that. see, i've never gone overseas with isp when the leaders hadn't been a part of the program before. to define the importance of time with God in our meetings and the importance of following the "isp" way. it's also strange that site seeing is so important. i mean, who knows when we'll ever be there again, but living amongst so much darkness really puts a damper on site seeing. all i ever want to do is meet people and tell them about Jesus. praying for a paradigm shift.

there are a lot of people to see and laughter to be had in the next 10 days. there is also much prep to be done, logistically and spiritually. 

and i am excited to partake in it.

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LN said...

Hey Cind! I'm so excited to come down next week!!! You are going to come home a Grad! We are all so proud of you and what you, through the Grace of God, have accomplished!! See you soon... <3