Thursday, December 1, 2011

world AIDS day

today is world AIDS day.

for 16 years we have remembered this day.

and still, i cannot find a prayer guide to share with you.

this is tragic.

so please forgive the rough outline of things to pray for below,
but please, pray with me today.
don't do it simply for emotions sake,
but pray because God is calling people to Himself through this
and because Christ is able to restore both the body and the soul.

pray for those who battle for their lives:
whether they take a strict regimen of medications and have countless doctors appointments, thus altering the normalcy that their life once held.

or whether they have no access to medication, faced with the reality that the diagnosis of AIDS is a physical death sentence and, in many cases, a social death sentence as well.

or whether they live undiagnosed, unaware of the virus reeking havoc within themselves.

or whether life seems normal, with seemingly no battle at all.

for more information about AIDS and its worldwide impact,
kay warren is a good resource. also, check out this site for facts and other info.

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{cuppakim} said...

awesome. thank you for providing this. praying now.