Thursday, May 3, 2012

pinter-test kitchen: may

my friend jessica hosts a linky party called pinter-test kitchen.

you know, pinterest?
that website where you pretend to be super crafty and all?

well, this link-it-up fun is great excuse to 
try some of those fun things.
i've only worked about 6 days this past month, so i had some time to try a recipe that looked interesting.

i saw this healthy cookie recipe that was easy to make.
so i gave it a try.

first, i got all the ingredients together:

preheat the oven:

and get mixing! really, all you do is put the ingredients in and mix!

i tasted the dough at this point and i had a suspicion i should add some splenda or sugar, but i didn't in the spirit of trying something new.

one last step: add some cinnamon to the top.

the second batch in the oven, i put cinnamon and splenda on top. good life choice fo sho.

the finished project.
not as good as i had hoped.
it nipped the sweet tooth in the bud,
but something was missing.
like sugar.
and calories.

i do recommend this recipe, however.
just add some splenda or sugar.

happy pinning!

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{cuppakim} said...

well, i'm glad you tried it so i didn't have to.
bummer that it wasn' that awesome.
but then again, when are healthy baked desserts awesome? not usually. ;)

Jamie said...

ha! Sugar and calories are the best combo...deadliest but best. They looked delish sad they werent!

Anonymous said...

Oh man. It's such a bummer when cookies do not turn out as expected. Healthy over sweet is a tough choice (I really did not want to say that in front of my cookie butter, but it just happened). But I might make these for a snack for my girls this summer. Looks like they would be a great one to bring to the park!

Jessie Lynn
Bloom in the Details