Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 on 10: it's been awhile

Happy 10th of June!

i got a friendly text this am reminding 
me that it was the tenth of june.
thanks, kim. way to help me reach my blog potential.

this is not a trick.
went to the gas station this am, but couldn't get the pump
 to work for more than 5 seconds at a time.
so i pumped less than a gallon.
oh well.

headed to the clover next to meet up with some of my faves.
kim let's me put my feet near her stuff
and jason buys me venti iced waters.
win win if you ask me.

 such a beautiful, summer-like day in the bay!
glad i got to spend it worshiping with the Body of Christ!

 it was sudan sunday at hope
as we got to hear how the Lord used some of our local body
to minister and support the local body of sudan.
the resource table was sporting our global side today.

 the keys got locked in the van at church
which means clean up was delayed a bit.
no worries.
this lady and i enjoyed some sun and conversation.
always a pleasure.

 after church, took a few to veg.
a lunch of vegetables and watching other people be athletic on tv while the exercise ball stares us in the face.

 my one living grandparent celebrated her 
94th birthday this past week.
today, we celebrated her as a family.
happy birthday, gammy!

 people may wonder why i was always the fat kid.
one factor: my mom is a BOMB cook.
i'd be surprised if you're mouth is not watering.

 after dinner, i got a text from a coworker telling me 
i was scheduled to work tonight.
as you can see, this was not what i expected.
thankfully, there was enough staff and i didn't have to go in.
sadly, i had to use my sick leave.
maybe one day i'll learn to read the schedule.

 we came home after family dinner.
i've been exhausted much of the weekend i think in part to my excessive carbohydrate consumption.
thankfully, i had an ISA shake with my name on it!
it tasted super good and was a nice prep before cleansing tomorrow.

hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into my tenth of june!
and hey, i'm actually linking up this time!
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1 comment:

{cuppakim} said...

it HASSSS been a long time.
sooooo GLAD i texted you.

loved the extra global flare today. ;)

94?!?! go gammy go!

what flavor was your shake?

also. HI.