Friday, June 7, 2013

PinterTest Kitchen: heart to heart

well, it's six am and i must be lonely.
wait, that's three am.

anyway, i'm blogging before work
which is probably a first.
but i needed you all to know about this recipe.
it changed the way i view healthy muffins
and embraces my love for lazy.

banana oatmeal muffins.

easy, delicious, and healthy.
five blondes, straight up.
from this tele nurse to you,
you're welcome.

linking up with jess


*heart lovin'* cindy


{cuppakim} said...

thanks for having our best interests at heart.


Jessica Johnson said...

I love how you are always concerned about the heart. And I want those muffins. I feel like you forgot to deliver a sample to me this month. The baby neeeeeeds. Love you. Miss you. Come home.