Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Why Not?

my german teammates are pretty awesome.
i started to notice that they said the phrase "why not" quite often.
at first, i was kind of annoyed by it.
now, i love it.

it's a constant reminder to me,

the ever-doubting cynic,
to just say yes and enjoy.

in other news,
life here has been pretty amazing.
it hasn't always been easy, but it has been great. 
for recap sake, here's what's been going on the last month. 

nini and i went to Jodhpur.
it's known as the blue city.
night trains, lots of walking and exploring, 
and a bollywood movie with new friends. 
it was a great time away.

we also took another trip,
but this time, to the mountainous town of mussoorie.
hiking through villages and
a visit to sir george everest former home were on the itinerary.
i loved the clean air, the presence of clouds,
and the chance to watch the sunrise over the mountains.

when we took a break from traveling, we did some work.
well, kind of.

chai breaks with the paper

 best street food i ever ate

 posing for pictures because we're foreigners 

 visiting the delhi house's other learning center next to this
and learning about my role there

 special food for thanksgiving!

 a trip with our ashram family to some sites around delhi

nights on the veranda chilling and debriefing

selling the guys' jelwery at the german embassy's
annual christmas market

going to a hindu wedding

 goofing off in the clinic

 using a selfie stick

spending some great times with some awesome families.

this month has also been hard. 
in my time here, eight patients have died.
so many times, the patients come to us a bit too late.
they are only with us a few days before they pass.
but i am so glad they come here and are able to hear of Jesus.

watching so much death is really hard.
my medical mind wants to know how and why
and i want to fix it.
but honestly, there's no way i can.

God has called me to something bigger:
prayer and faithfulness.
to pray without ceasing for the men who come through here.
for their health, for their souls.
to be a faithful servant of the King,
to put others before myself and to speak of Jesus often. 

it's really that simple.
please, join me in praying for the men of the ashram,
both for their physical and spiritual healths.

i mean, why not?


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Ellen said...

Thanks for the update Cind! Praying!! XO

Yoonie said...

Damn girl. How many deaths have we seen at the VA? Maybe one or two... It's incredibly profound, this eye-witnessing of human life and I'm both sorry and happy to hear you experience it. I'm sure your mind is being challenged and expanded with each patient you meet, each person you learn from. Stay strong, cindy my love! Doing us proud, that's for damn sure =)
And, I like your wardrobe attire much better abroad than in the states. #jussayin #ihatehashtagsbuthadtothrowitinhere #forfunsies #loveyoucin