Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i forgot....

well, i am going through a bit of culture shock, so all the things i forgot about this amazing culture i am starting to remember:
  1. EVERYWHERE i a trash can. i mean really, cant't you just through it in the garbage?
  2. no one cares if you don't want anymore-you'll eat and you'll like it!
  3. you can pee out of your butt-yes, that's right. it should be on ripply's or something
  4. rickshaw drivers suck. ok, ok, they don't know Jesus, but really, 70 rrp?? no way!
  5. can't i just have some toliet paper for my room? i mean, i don't want to ask a bunch of men at the front counter for tp...so embarsing
  6. non-verbal communication is sometimes hard to follow. what is it? 80% non-verbal? here-at least 90%. CRAZY!
  7. yes, i'm white, i have blonde hair, and i am 5'9"-ish and weigh a whole lot more than your sister, but why do you have to stare all day long?

ok, enough negativity. i still love it. it just gets to me sometimes.

on another not, what the crap is with the new cbu website? "live your purpose?" i mean seriously? and what happened to the nice inside cbu tab? how do i find it stinkin insidecbu? please, somebody....


rachel said...

cindy. i love you.

inside cbu is at the top of the page on the right hand side.

Justine said...

Hey Girl!
I laughed at each one of your comments on society. I totally agree and understand, and just barely started to get through it when we had to leave :)
Missin you and excited that you are there!

Steph.URen said...

one time... a rickshaw drive wanted RS500 to drive my team from GK1 to India gate (which, by the way, at the time should have only been about 50 at most)! I told him no and he finally agreed. We got in, he drove us (the long way), then when we got there he asked us for 500. I said no, he fought back, I fought back, he fought back, I gave him like 70 and walked away... HE STARTED TO FOLLOW US (by foot) yelling at us to give him his money! We started running... I'm serious.


Can't wait to leave for India in two days! (hahahahahaha!)