Monday, June 2, 2008

it's been a week

it's been a week and i am blown away! how can this culture, one so lost so depraved be able to be so hospitible and so kind? i know it is culture, but why is america, a "christian" nation so anti-hospitible? ok, i know we aren't really a christian nation, but still, let's examine the church-we still are not very hospitible. donut time/coffee hour (which is really a half an hour so you don't have to meet too many new peopl), pot lucks where you sit with people you already know, fundraisers, (not really hospitable), and maybe an occasional soup kitchen, (and many of these have hidden motives...). why are we so afraid just to ask people out for coffee? oh, because it costs too much? do we forget how rich we really are? do we forget that God is the God who provides (ok, not to get all prosperity gospel, but if we do his work, surely, our needs willl be met...)? i know am frustrated, but i mean mucgh of this out of love. i want to see our american "church" be different, to be truly set apart, to truly love one another.

hope you all are well.

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