Sunday, October 24, 2010

lack of internet

I know. I have this fancy new phone with the internet, but it is not condusive to affective blogging. My thoughts go faster than my two thumbs can text. this, and my lack of internet at home contribute to my lack of blogging.

And i have a lot to blog.

But, in short, I'm wholistically exhausted. Yes, sometimes even spiritual tired. it seems the more i pray to be consumed with God alone, the more temptations "appear" to be consumed with things not of Him.

I heard a prof say once that life only gets busier as you get older. I found that hard to believe as a college student. Life could NEVER get busier than nursing school! How naive i was! Life is busy, but it is sweet. I am blessed with amazing friends and fun, as well as challenging, times with them. Despite the challenges and the business, i wouldnt trade these sweet times for much.
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