Monday, October 11, 2010


it's not a very good update, but here's what's been goin on:

  • was at one of my best friend's wedding this weekend. it was an amazingly beautiful and an amazingly hard weekend. 
  • i discovered i have issues when someone tells me to be serious. i just start laughing. sorry, jennifer and johnny, if i ruined your "serious face" wedding photos.
  • i have control issues. i tried to and eventually rented a car this weekend. i broke down twice because things ended up outside of my control. God, thank you for breaking me down and i pray You would continue to do so!
  • i don't have to say goodbye to a dear friend until this saturday. PTL because i had no emotional drop left in my body for her farewell this weekend!
  • i have had a four-day weekend! praise God for colombus day because i needed it!
  • i love chipotle. (love is not an understatement)
  • just found out i don't have to start paying my loans back until december 1. HOLLER!
  • don't buy shoes online. bad things happen to your feet.
  • hope church "launched." i have a lot of mixed feelings about it, but even at church in riverside, God confirmed that what we are doing is for Him and that He is working through us to magnify His name! to You alone be the glory, our Perfect God!
  • i have to vote in about a month and i have no idea who to vote for!
  • i get delusional when i have cried for 2 hours and have had little sleep over the previous week.
  • my friends are amazing! i couldn't have asked for better friends and praise God for them daily!

this is it, for now. october is a little less than half way finished, and i still have one more wedding and a work day to conquer.Thank God that His power is made perfect in my weakness!

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formerly known as emj said...

I also have no clue who to vote for! I don't even know who is running this is so far the only minus on the not having tv channels