Monday, March 14, 2011

sleepless in san francisco

yep, i'm at work again. at present, i only have two patients and they are both asleep. in a bit i'll have some things to do, but right now, it's all gravy.

another nurse's patient keeps yelling at us because we haven't given him enough food. he's eaten two dinner trays and is insisting he gets another. ha. dude, we aren't at the ritz carrleton. the gov'ment is broke as a joke, three dinners ain't gonna happen.

i need a haircut. BAD! it's all crazy different lengths and the ends aren't lookin too hot. and i have a wedding to go to on saturday. the first of the potential six weddings this year. oye vey.

i said oye vey. haha, i love jews.

it's supposed to rain/snow saturday at the wedding. i think i need to re-think my outfit choice of cute beige sun-dress, light pink cardi, and flowered flats. maybe i should find out if the wedding is indoors or out of doors.

that's kind of a funny statement, out of doors. ha.

the engagement count: 4 weeks, 12 engagements. crazy. cra-zy.

i have friends at work now! it's pretty exciting. although, tonight i experienced the true dirtiness that surfaces all too often in healthcare. thankfully, God has given me the grace to stay out of the conversations a lot.

i got to hang out with a friend from nepal last evening. it was really fun to catch up with him. added bonus: delicious nepali tea and mango lassi. probably the best mango lassi i've had ever. really, ev-er!

last week, i had a really refreshing time with a friend i've only known for a year. i am encouraged by her passionate and grounded spirit, and am blown away by her ability to speak Biblical truth in abundant love. while we don't talk super often, i am always encouraged when we do. while i made pizza, she read Scripture. and not bits and pieces, she read books. sigh. super encouraging. i want more hang out times like this.

i cried the entire way to work. it was hard, but much needed.

i just got my third patient. he's hard of hearing and r/o tb, which means i have to wear a really thick mask. 1)i look hotter than you think. 2)our communication has not been very good thus far.

tuesday is a big day: moving and tax day. holler.

i'm eating strawberries and grapes instead of banana cream pie. #tryingtopromoteweightloss

my pt with PNA and r/t tb (that's pneumonia and rule out tuberculosis for all you lay people out there ;)), wants to go smoke. i called the doc to get permission and he told me "well, that wouldn't be good; he's acutally pretty sick." no way?! really?!

i love hymns. jars of clay redemption songs is currently in my car. so good!

well, this is sleepless in san francisco, signing off. until next time.

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