Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 on 10...sorta

i know, i know, it's late. i forgot that it was the 10th of April until a friend told me around 7:30am. well, most of my day had flown by at this point, so i knew my first 10 on 10 was gonna be pretty boring. but, here we go anyway.

at 6:30am, i went pee and, while washing my hands, 
realized how incredibly sunburned i was. lobster girl fo sho.

at 7:30am, (about) i was headed home. it's the best part of my day because i get to see to step outside and smell the fresh air and admire the beach. #bestjobever

on my way home, i got to enjoy one of the most beautiful commutes. although i hate commuting, i am overly grateful for the opportunity to enjoy God's creation so beautifully each day!

welp, i arrived home and needed some time to unwind. so, time for some grey's. it's pretty awesome debriefing for this crazy nurse. and i've totally gotten to the season with owen. needless to say, i'm real excited! #dontjudge

i woke up a bit after the episode ad ended and decided it was time to get some real sleep.

and slept

and slept

let's be honest, working nights and then living my days off during the day can get confusing. i always have to pee around normal-people lunch time, in this case, 1:30pm. (you probably don't want to see anymore than this.)

then i slept some more.

and more sleep.

well, you get the gist. a few hours later, some folks from church came over for infamous chipotle sunday. also a good day. but before they came over, i had to primp and get all beautiful for work, so back to the bathroom.

time for the party to start. it was a great way to end/start my day. 
oh, by the way, don't judge my friends, they're crazy....
crazy in like with chipotle!

that was probably more than 10 for the 10th, BUT i hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. until the next 10th....


Jessica Johnson said...

cute 10 on 10! not boring AT ALL. ummm did ya see mine? zzzzzzzzzzzz

{cuppakim} said...

this post is hilarious. amazing. awesome. LOVE it. GOOD post. hahhaa.

HOW in the heck did you get the sleeping shots? are your roomies lurks? or is it a staged reenactment?

Jamie said...

Dearest Roomie -- I am also curious about these sleep shots. Is Ellen a beast and taking them for you? Sleep shots are always to embarrassing for me. P.S your greys obsession is funny. My old roommates for 2 years watched greys almost as much as you do. Maybe i't s a sign that I should start watching?