Monday, October 31, 2011

More Stories: Motorcycle

i've always had a fear of riding motorcycles.

i have only rode as a passenger on a motorcycle once.
it was a harley and my uncle was the driver.
and it lasted all of 2 seconds.

when i was getting ready to go overseas,
my friend decided to tell me that i'd have to ride on a motorcycle.

needless to say, i freaked out a bit.
after some prayer and serious pep-talks,
i accepted the fact that i'd have to ride on a motorcycle.

you see, motorcycles are a way of life overseas.
they just make the most sense in terms of travel.

i mean, everyone uses them

but sometimes there are parking issues
(yes, she's praying)

well, anyway, i had to make my first motorbike appearance.
my new friend, Tika, was the brave soul who volunteered 
(yes, volunteered) to take me on my debut.
yea, we're gansters.

actually, i was totally using humor to mask my utter terror.

i survived.
yep, yep i did.
and i even learned to love it.

anticlimactic, huh?

i was excited for my next chance to ride on our 
progressive-like dinner later that week.
 yea, we look horrible, but we had an amazing time nonetheless.

motorcycle fear: conquered

one less obstacle in overseas living.

hope you enjoyed this week's edition of


{cuppakim} said...

motoing is WAY more fun in foreign countries.

in fact. i have only moto'd in canada and greece ;)

totally freaks me out here in the states :) (and mine weren't even motorCYCLES they were motorSCOOTERS)

Jamie said...

does this mean that you will go out with Seth on a ride?!

So glad you conquered your fear, and learned to enjoy it too!