Monday, November 14, 2011

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while overseas, i had the privilege to visit a baptist hospital.
i knew it was going to have a western influence since the  it had been started by westerners.
it is now nationally run and it has the best reputation in the city.

that day, i donned my nurse hat scrubs
and headed to the hospital on the other side of the city.
i was going to have the chance to tour the hospital and chat with some of the staff.
my friend acted as my translator 
(which, by the way, is difficult when "nursing" is already a second language).

we met with something similar to the nurse educator. 
she had received education from different countries
and was well rounded in her nursing education.
in short, #legit.
she took us on a tour of the facility being sure to visit each unit.
from peds to post-partum,
from clinics to ICU.

ICU was my favorite. the nurses and i talked.
we talked EKG's, post CABG, and ventilators.
my nurse-y heart was happy.
well, over-flowing actually.

[i forgot my camera during this part]

the hospital is in such high demand, they are building a new one.
 pretty cool, eh?

next, i spent some timing talk with some nursing students.
it was a fun exchange, but i felt so inadequate.
their eagerness to learn was exciting.
my inability to answer their questions was ridiculous.

i also talked with some staff members.
it was fun, but once again, humbling.
humbling to see how hard they work, how knowledgeable they are,
and how much they care.
on the left is a nurse who works in the clinic and she's wearing her thursday uniform.
(yes, a uniform for each day of the week)
we were basically instant friends.
next to her is the nurse educator.
as stated before, she is amazing.

overall, it was an amazing experience.
i feel blessed that i was able to experience a place that 
has become a beacon of the love and light of Christ

Ways to Pray:
-pray that this community of nurses would continue to live out the Gospel as they love on the sick and take place in healing
-pray that nurses would be bold in sharing Christ with patients, families, and coworkers.
-pray that God would continue to use this hospital as His vessel to make His name known in this city

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{cuppakim} said...

i think it is so neat how your job can crossover cultures, can be used for the sake of the Gospel, and that you obediently follow Jesus leading you in that! :)

thanks to Kimber for being a super duper translator :) how awesome!