Monday, November 7, 2011

More Stories: university

my friend works with university students.
part of her job is to meet and share Truth with them.
one of the days i was there, we hit up some of the universities.
the first university we went to was run by muslims.
we know some bule who work there, so we went and said hello
and then we prayer walked a bit

 we almost walked in the mosque area with our shoes on.
juto for sure.
(ya, i know, juto is nepali. bare with me)

after our time there, we hitched a ride 
to the city's "public" university.
we were meeting up with one of her students, 
but we were early, so we prayer walked.
i love to prayer walk. it's a humbling and Spirit-filled 
way to come before the Throne of Grace.

but i definitely struggled with it this day.
maybe it's that i was "out of practice,"
maybe it was the head cold,
maybe it was the profound darkness that seemed to weigh me down.
not too sure, but gonna go with the latter.

behind and across the road from the university
is a training center.
people go there to practice for the hajj.
you can see the picture of the training center at the 
upper right hand corner of the previous collage.
see the fake kaaba?
  we prayer walked the area.
i don't really have any words to describe it.
felt lostness?
i think you get the idea.

the saddest part to me is how deeply rooted the darkness is.
as i experience different cultures, 
there seems to be a common thread:
lostness is lostness
and people are so easily blinded and hardened to the darkness.
and by people i mean the human race.

i pray that believers in san mateo, california, and in all the world
would battle against the strong forces of apathy
and face darkness and lostness head on.

join me in prayer:

-pray for the Light of Christ to shine brightly among the few believers who attend these campuses
-pray that stone hearts would be utterly shattered by the truth of the Gospel
-pray that students, professors, and the administration would have dreams and visions of Christ and that they would repent and believe the Gospel
-pray that the training center would be shut down/destroyed and that it would be evident that it was an act of the true God

1 comment:

{cuppakim} said...

i love your heart for people cindy.
i love that you think to prayer walk.
which encourages me.
i think i'll prayer walk tonight as i deliver treats to my neighbors for the happy day project.
it's about 20 feet of walking.
but i think it counts.

thank you for sharing your heart, and what God is doing.