Monday, July 16, 2012

mountain vacay

i love mid-week getaways.
less traffic, less people, more fun.

this past week, i had the chance to visit 
with some of my very favorite people.
cherith and angela are legit. 
adventures abound during our time together.

this time, angela and i headed up to mariposa, 
just outside of yosemite.
we met up with cherith, who is spending some of her summer with her grandparents in this sweet dig:
this doesn't even cover how gorgeous the view is!
angela and i got into town and the party was on. 
after some delicious sandos made by our very talented cher bear,
we went grocery shopping to make dinner for her grandparents.
a little thank you, if you will.

taco salad was on the menu.
and it was ridiculously good.
at dinner, we realized it was our two year friend-versary.
well, ang and i have known each other for dayzzz, but we call it that anyway.
we celebrated the day with an amazing sun set and ride around the property.

that night, we got to hear about cher's time overseas,
learned how to dougie and cat daddy,
and slept in a yurt in the backyard. 
yea, we are that cool.

despite our late bed time,
we were up early and headed to yosemite for a hike.
i haven't been to this park since i was a child,
and even then, i have no memory of it's splendor.

when we entered the park, we were the obnoxious
tourists who stopped to take a pic at the sign.

here's a mere sampling of our amazing day in the park.

we "only" did the hike to vernal and nevada falls. 

we had lunch at the top of vernal falls and then hiked up to nevada falls.
please believe, i almost died.
but it was worth it for two reasons:
the absolutely majestic view
and i can say i did it.

there is nothing better than being in God's creation with dear friends.
i am so grateful for this mid-week vacay.

next goal:
biking in yosemite.
who's in?

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{cuppakim} said...

i have had this in my reader forever.
i need everything about this.
i love everything about this.

your pictures cannot be real life.

what an amazing few days you had.
being a californian is the best.
i'm pretty sure this post proves it.