Saturday, July 14, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: July


did your heart just skip a beat
and a smile come across your face?

we all love this site that fosters creativity and laughter.

i love getting a chance to try some of these things out at least once a month with my friend's linky party, "pintertest kitchen." if you haven't tried something off pinterest or haven't linked up, you should!

this month, i tried another recipe (since this white girl don't craft).

open face chicken caprese sandwhich.
are you drooling yet?
i love all things caprese so this was a natural selection.
here's the original post: 

so good right???
so promising, so easy.

-2 small chicken breasts (or 1 large breast)
-salt & pepper
-4 slices hearty bread (french or country)
-2 vine-ripened tomatoes, cut into 1/4″ slices
-4-5 fresh basil leaves, torn into small pieces
-2oz fontina or mozzarella cheese, cut into slices

 pre-sliced cheese: genious.
the author recommends fontina cheese, but i couldn't find it.
i also used flaxseed bread from the farmer's market and heirloom tomatoes.

okay, here's what you do:

1) slice the chicken in strips, season with salt and pepper on both sides and grill/cook until cooked through. set aside.

2) set oven to "broil." slice the loaf of bread to make cool looking diagonal pieces. put them on a cookie sheet (with foil for easy clean up), butter one side (lightly for a lower cal option), and place under broiler until crispy/toasted around the edges. (if using white bread, this would be "golden brown. not the case with the flax bread).

3) slice the tomatoes and cut the basil into strips. 

4) layer your ingredients on the cooked bread: chicken, tomato, cheese, and basil. (i REALLY like basil, so i put some in between the chicken and tomato, too).

5) place in oven and broil until cheese is melted.

 my sister helped me enjoy the final project. 
perfect since it serves two!

honestly, you're a fool if you don't try this recipe.
so easy, so good, so fresh!
perfect for a summer meal!
it would be great as an appetizer using smaller slices of bread.

eat up while i link up!


{cuppakim} said...

you have classy tastebuds.

i think this is why we are friends.

LN said...

Catching up... sorry... :)
This recipe is FANTASTIC!!! Consider this a testimonial of Crazy White Woman's talent in the kitchen as well as the PinterTest WIN!!