Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 on 10: busiest day off edition

happy first 10th of 2013!
it's been a doozy, folks.

arrived at work @5:45am on my day off.
dedication? i think yes.

 took a pleasant walk to meet my coffee date.
the sky sure is pretty.

coffee date with this lovely lady.
i really like her a lot.

i was too jittery after my coffee,
so we walked down burlingame ave.
therapy called our names.
yea, this clock is awesome.

salted caramel pudding from CPK.
cute and delicious.
my company was the best part, but she passed on the photo shoot.
thanks again for the birthday lunch, jess!

 went to visit gammy.
love her and her 1970's apartment.

'nough said.

came home to some happy mail from morocco.
thanks for the tag team gift mariah and cherith!

 went to see le mis with these beauties.
here are my take-aways:
movie theater lighting is rough.
anne hathaway is legit.
Jesus is amazing. 
why do french characters have english accents?

my sister is back to school,
which means late nights in the living room by myself.

hope everyone's tenth was fantastic!
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{cuppakim} said...

you had such a full fun day.
love that you walked. where did you guys go? le boulange?
gammy looks adorby.
and i want that salted caramel pudding. ASAP.
but, i'm not going to have it.

you had a good day. :)

Mary Gene Atwood said...

such a full day! Le Mis is on my your trader joe shot, adore your gram. You are a blessed lady.

Angel said...

Great shots!
I especially love the walk/sky picture. And wow, your gammy is lovely...and her apartment is AWESOME!

Ellen said...

What a fun day...
Love your photo in the background behind Gammy! Presh!!
Also am sad that I am forced into a Geriatric lifestyle during the school year... *sigh* (one of those long ones you just love)

mmcgre01 said...

this is a wonderful blog... i loved you photo series - you seem to be a most amazing person yourself.