Monday, August 11, 2014

12 days off

i love my job.
i really do.
but when they tell you that you "have" to take 12 days off,
you say yes please.
and make the most of it.
so here's how i did just that.

my coworker hooked me up with some wicked 
awesome seats for a giants game.
we even got to see where they do some of the KNBR radio shows!

went to chico with my sis
and saw some pretty skies.

we also stopped in sonoma on our way home.
wine country is the best country.

had family dinner.
i really love these people.
so so much.

threw a bridal shower with the very talented kim
for my very beautiful sister

complete with a mimosa bar,

personalized recipe box,

and homemade lemon scrub.

such a fun day!

 then my sister and i left on a jet plane... the land of dry heat and sunspurts.

arizona, i think i love you.

we went shopping for flopping hats,

took selfies by the pool,

and got gussied up for a nice dinner.

i even got to see two of my favorite people from joshua.
so grateful these friendships stand the test of time!
We headed back to the bay
and did a little mug swap prep!
i really love swappin.
and muggin.

Ellen had another shower
and it was so lovely to hang out with these awesome peeps.

all in all, it was a really great {almost} two weeks.
going back to work today has been a bit rough.
but thankfully i got by with some help from my coworkers
and their obsession with donuts.

the next time i have this kind of break,
i'll be on my way to india!
so crazy.
so awesome.
crazy awesome.




1 comment:

Ellen said...

Well it was a fun 12 days! Thanks for sharing you time with me a bit. It was fun to get away, party, and see the giants in bomb seats!!
Excited for your next adventure!!