Sunday, July 6, 2008


this time, not so much an allusion to me.

i was be a creeper and checking out some of my friends' facebooks and it was so crazy to look at fun pictures from the summer. things have changed for sure! one friend is engaged, another broken up, another married. friends will be tanner, friends will be closer, some friends won't be friends at all. i know people grow while i'm away, i'm used to that by now, it's still just weird to see and expierence them grow so much while i've also been growing so much. ok, selfish, i know. i want to be some shining light to save my friends this summer by sharing all that i've learned about God, but boy, am glad God has different plans!!!

i have also been able to, quite easily, compartmentalize my life for the past four years in terms of friendships. i have my friends at home, containing of all church friends, then i have work at home, (which i only think about during the summer really, simplifying life even more), school friends, and joshua friends. now i will have to add a whole new category of sa101 friends and friends from this country. so weird-and quite complicated strangely...oh well.

i don't really know the purpose of this blog, but maybe it was to point out that i'm in fact the crazy one, not the circumstances that will surround me when i reutrn in approx. 1 week and 2 hours.

umm, p/s-while i write this blog, there an indian woman singing not too well next to me. it is absolutely hilarious and i wish i could laugh SO loud more at her apparent ignorance to her off-key sounds than to the sounds themselves, but i can't.

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